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Heidelberg, Print Media Academy, 16.-18. Oktober 2018

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// Cyber Security in Automated Driving Systems [Sponsored Talk]

With the current global automotive trends toward increased Connectivity and Automation of driving functions, there is an increasing need to design better security into vehicles.

This talk will give a short overview of Automated Driving functionality and terminology and then discuss Attack and Threat Scenarios and how vehicles can be designed and secured against evolving security threats.

The lecture provides a general overview of different approaches and requires no special previous knowledge.

* SAE Automation Levels
* Security Issues and threat/attack types
* How automated vehicles can be secured

// Jason Omer Jason Omer

worked over 15 years as a cyber-security Professional, currently the Product Security Officer for Automated Driving at Bosch. He has worked in in various fields such as the Military, Machine Learning, and Automated Driving managing, engineering, and developing IT Security projects around the world. His passion is not only implementing technical solutions but also developing organizational policies and processes that support Cyber Security in improve security culture throughout all stages.